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DDSF -  RCR - 110MW solar system - 435000 panels. Stralis Energy are currently involved in the installation and connection of 435000 325w JA Solar panels at the Darling Downs Solar Farm west of Dalby. Working with RCR Tomlinson we have 30 staff onsite undertaking this...

10KW Solar Installation In Ballina

The boys were very proud today on the completion of the latest 10kW Solar Installation. As you an see they took pride in their work and everything looks really neat and tidy. The system is was designed to be very accessible by the customer.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

As part of our Electrical Engineering Services we also define Ecologically Sustainable Development as the use of resources in a manner that does not compromise the ability of future generations to use those resources. STRALIS ENERGY Group strives to meet this...

Connecting To The Electrical Distribution Network?

Stralis Energy are Level One Accredited Service Providers (ASP) and can help you when you want to connect your home, business or other premises to the electricity distribution network. Also, when you need to get more electricity from the distribution network than is...

What Is Solar Power

Solar power is electricity which is delivered by solar panels when the sun shines on their surface. Solar power is widely used across Australia and around the world as a renewable power source. What Makes Up A Solar Power System? A solar power system is made up of a...

How To Reduce The Upfront Cost Of Solar Panels

Are You Unaware Of The Solar Panel Rebate? Many people are actually unaware of the Solar panel rebate scheme in place by the Federal government to help make Solar systems affordable. I hope this blog will shed some light on what those incentives are and what it means...

Working On Roofs In The Rain And Sun

During the installation of Solar Panels for The World Gym in Tweed Heads in the Winter can be a new challenge each day. One Day it  can be nice and sunny and the next raining and overcast. The crews at Stralis Energy are ready for any conditions. It’s a bit ironic...

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