Essential Energy Fees Guide

Stralis Energy Pty Ltd

Connecting Or Altering Essential Energy’s Distribution Network

When you are connecting, altering, extending or augmenting Essential Energy’s Over Head or Underground Distribution Network you have to use Stralis Energy to complete the works.

We are a fully accredited servicer provider (ASP) for the Essential Energy distribution footprint. This means that we are approved to undertake contestable works for our customers.

Electrical Network Fees

A certified design is required for these works and has to be approved and certified by Essential Energy. This ensures that an appropriate level of reliability, quality of supply and safety is maintained when operating or working on the network.

Essential Energy charge ancillary fees from their Network Services to facilitate contestable works such as:

  • Design certification
  • Inspection of works
  • Provision of access permits

These fees are not controlled by Stralis Energy and are determined by the AER. CPI and cost increases are applied each year and we recommend you that you check out their fees here.

To save you looking around the Essential Energy website for them I can email them straight to your inbox. (Disclaimer: Always check that they are the latest fees)

If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you!