Overhead Linework

Electrical workers in the Electrical Supply Industry are quite often forgotten about. When the electricity is off during a storm these are the guys that we rely on to restore power.

In Australia the Electrical Distribution Network is predominantly made up of overhead wires and although almost all new work is preferred to be installed underground, Linesman play a fundamental role in Stralis Energy. This is because most underground systems are supplied from the over head system.

From Grafton to Brisbane there are thousands of kilometres of overhead wires that need to be maintained, altered or upgraded.

Some of the types of work our Linesman perform:

  • Network alterations
  • High Voltage extensions or diversions
  • Asset replacement
  • Stringing over head conductor

Our linesman often work in the same crews as the Cable Jointers on beautification projects on rural properties.

This is something we specialise in and you can see the latest project on the Far North Coast of NSW where we have removed a section of High Voltage over head line with an underground cable.

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