Electrical Engineering

Stralis Energy Electrical Engineering understands that the ‘invisible functionality’ of electrical engineer gold coast services is at the core of every successful building project. It is this commitment to the effectiveness of electrical systems that enables our engineers to be at the forefront of technological and operational advancements. Our engineers work closely with each client to determine the expectations and needs specific to the project to ensure reliability and optimum efficiency of equipment and systems.

Along with our industry-specific experience and technical expertise, we add our commitment to quality, reliability, and accountability to create a partnership unmatched in the industry.

Specialised Electrical Engineering Services

  • HV & LV Power Supply & Distribution
    • Stralis Energy are able to meet all its clients requirements with highly skilled consultants able to meet all aspects of the design and project management of all high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) development projects. With access to several highly skilled Level 3 ASP (accredited service providers) Stralis Energy will design the most cost effective and accurate URD, overhead or underground network designs and will exceed the client’s expectations. Our level 3 designers have a strong history of LV and HV substation transformer selection and design, earthing design, greenfield and brownfield integration, easement approvals, overhead powerline design – implementation – sagging, HV transmission, voltage drop and cable selection, pillar, pole, switchboard design, street lighting including LED energy efficient design and management of all level 1 and level 2 ASP’s. If you are a developer, agent, farmer, home owner, engineering consultant, electrician or interested in alterations of the installation of LV or HV underground or overhead power to a property, site or development please contact your experienced and reliable level 1, level 2 and level 3 ASP Stralis Energy.


  • Energy Management
    • Energy Management is a system and strategy specifically tailored to reduce the energy consumption of a specific site. The requirements of each individual site will differ therefore an in depth and accurate study of of the consumption profile of the site is required. The goal of the use of energy management is to minimise the effects of energy consumption on a site. this includes the monitoring and limitation of maximum demand, power-factor, kwh, kw, voltage, amps and harmonics. With the use of devised strategy and continual development of the strategy the is the possibility of huge savings for a business.
    • At Stralis Energy we undertake a in depth audit through the use of consultation, logging, interval data and modelling of similar industry practices. Inturn our engineers can develop the most cost effective and effective method for reducing the sosts of energy and your business.


  • Energy Conservation
    • At Stralis Energy our consultant engineers can perform energy efficiency audits that can help your home or business save on the costs of your electricity bill. By using high accuracy energy electricity data loggers we can accurately show you where savings can be reduced fast. Auditing your energy consumption is the first place that any business should start when trying to reduce their running costs. By auditing your energy efficiency your business can immediately see where saving can be made and what electrical engineer gold coast investments will give the best returns. Our consultant electrical engineer gold coast will be able to collect data during the energy audit on the peak energy consumptions, peak demand, power factor, Kwh, voltage, current and energy trends over a typical running cycle. This data can then be used to determine which investments to reduce the energy consumption will return the best savings. Some of the investments we can advise on include solar PV system design and sizing, LED lighting, power factor correction, maximum demand reduction, voltage optimization, real time monitoring and building management systems, HVAC and air-conditioning improvements. Other reasons for undertaking energy is to auditing may be due to the need to increase the loading on a switchboard, circuit or supply to a building by monitoring and logging the electricity supply our consultants can determine if complete upgrade may be required or the existing cabling, switchboards and infrastructure will remain suitable.


  • Solar PV design
    • At Stralis our electrical engineers will assist you with every aspect of your solar project. Our engineers will work with you through design, project management and commissioning of your solar renewable energy project. A Stralis Energy electrical engineer will work with you from the initial site analysis to determine the most cost effective system with the best return on investment. Our engineers use the most accurate solar modelling and proposal software and have a extremely versatile knowledge on products and equipment requirement. Our engineers can design and accommodate all distribution areas around Australia meeting all the individual standards and requirements as requested by each area. Our engineers have designed the protection relay and export limiting control panels to suit all network operator requirements. All aspects of solar design including battery backup, hybrid, stand alone power systems and UPS. Commercial solar systems ranging from kW the MW, LGC and STC. Clients include Councils, Schools, private and public business, domestic, commercial and industrial solar.

Other areas of our engineering discipline

  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Fuel Supply & Distribution
  • Combined Heat & Power Generation
  • Final Circuit Management Systems
  • Earthing & Protection Systems
  • Standby Generation & UPS Systems & Stand Alone Power systems (off-grid)
  • Power Generation

At STRALIS ENERGY, we also define ecologically sustainable development as the use of resources in a manner that does not compromise the ability of future generations to use those resources.