66KV Upgrade to 132KV Taree

  • Client: Essential Energy - Gremalco
  • Location: Taree - Foster
  • Turbine Equipment: Transmission - Powerline
  • Total Capacity: 132kV
  • Completed: 2017-10-26
  • Homes Powered: 300000

Some of the more interesting work we get is working on Essential Energy’s transmission network. Our linesmen relish the challenge as this work is “proper” linework. It’s often working at higher heights than normal and using all their linesman skills.

Stralis Energy work along side other Electrical Distribution Contractors to get this work done and more than often requires us to travel as the transmission network spans over large distances over the country to supply Australia with power.

What is the transmission network?

In New South Wales our electrical supply travels through 3 different systems:

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Finally distribution

Whilst Transgrid manages the high voltage transmission lines the rest are controlled and managed by 3 Electricity Distributors:

  • Essential Energy
  • Ausgrid
  • Endeavour

These companies transport the electric and then retail companies sell the electricity.