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We help you design the most efficient Solar System

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Using our expertise to design and install effective solar systems

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Saving Money

By generating your own energy our Solar Energy solutions means lower energy bills and huge savings.

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Stralis Energy is proud to partner with Fronius where you can instantly see the results through the online portal.

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We specialise in the Design and installation of Solar PV systems, all by experienced Electrical Engineers

Benefits Of Solar Energy

It’s Easy To See Why So Many People Decide To Go With Solar Energy

  • Reduced Bills
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lower emmisions
  • Feed in Tariffs and Rebates

Our Process – Design to Construction

Define Goal

Step 1 is to define your goals and reason for wanting to have Solar Power. We look at your existing power consumption and forcast the possible savings.

Designed & Build

Step 2 is to apply all of the goals and design a Solar System and implement the installation with as little disruption to you as possible.

Test & Measure

Step 3 is to make sure the Solar System is performing as it should be and what set us apart from others is that we provide an online portal where you can see the savings and performance all in one place.

Save Money On Your Power Bill

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Proved Money Saving Solar Systems

Stralis Energy is one of the East Coasts leading Solar Engineers and Designers. We have offices in Ballina and Tweed Heads, service from Brisbane to Grafton.

Using the latest technologies in batteries…


Saved Energy

Stralis Energy installing solar panels at Ballina and Alstonville Council Pools

Stralis Energy boys are working hard, using the their own crane and using it to getting the heavy...
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Solar Installation At Common Wealth Games Venue Broad Beach Bowls Club – The Bulls

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Our Solar Services

If you are interested in using your excess solar generation to power you through the night you need to start looking at battery technologies for use with your solar system. Via the use of battery storage your excess solar power is stored in a battery and fed to your appliances when required through the night. In a solar hybrid system the inverter can feed to the house, battery and the grid. The Hybrid system inverters will always minimise the use of the grid in favour for using the solar and then battery if there is not any solar.

Getting of the grid is a dream of many Australians. If you need advice on getting power at your site using a off-grid solar system or getting of the grid make sure you give us a call. Our Electrical engineer will be able to discuss the pros and cons of living off-grid and design a system to meet your budget and needs. Using well know brands such as SMA, Schneider, Selectroncis and Giant power we will be able to cover any of your requirements.

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