Our Plant & Machinery

All of our plant is available for hire regardless of your project.


Our elevated work platforms are our most versatile pieces of plant. We have two that can be used for all works above two metres.

Pro Line Crane

This is another favourite of ours. From standing poles and moving heavy substations this crane is fundamental to our operations.

2 Ton Excavator

The perfect all round excavator. This machine helps with our trenching projects and general civil projects around the state.

8 Ton Excavator

When the 2 ton machine doesn’t cut it we bring out the 8 ton excavator. There isn’t too much we can’t do with this machine.

Jinker Trailer

In our industry we often need to deliver or collect long heavy items. This includes poles and street lights. Available now.

Tipper & Trailer

When it comes to moving our plant and surplus earth works our tipper truck and trailer comes in very handy.

Sucker Truck

Excavating around live cables can be tricky or digging in tight locations..lot with our vacuum sucker truck, available to hire now.

Utility Truck

Our general purpose line truck or other wise known as a Utility truck, transports not only our crews but all the tools required.