Stralis Energy were approached to  install a 51.2kw solar system for the Broadbeach Bowls club. The System was funded by the Gold Coast City Council for the Commonwealth games which is occurring in 2018.

Stralis Energy was the successful winner of the tender, due to the advanced safety system and electrical engineering knowledge that placed Stralis Energy above its competition. Stralis Energy were able to offer the advantage of a full turnkey solution for the project. This including the design and installation of the Energex control and monitoring system to the design and installation of the 51.2kw PV system. Stralis were able to offer an advanced System with leading monitoring of the site for production and consumption (allowing the continual monitoring of Energy used onsite-online).

Stralis Energy use a fully implemented safety system with world class high quality equipment, system modelling and design to allow our customers to be rewarded with a first class electrical system.

The equipment used

  • 160 x 320w Canadian solar (Tier 1 ) panels
  • 2 x Fronius 25kw Eco inverter
  • Installation of Fronius data manager and smart meter
  • Energex Protection relay control system – Only a select handful of companies able to meet these requirements.

What really sets us apart from other Solar specialists we provide an online monitoring system that be seen here for the Solar Installation at the Broad Beach Bowls Club.