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Correct pricing of a 6.6kW Solar Power System?

Working out just how much to pay for a 6.6kW solar system isn’t an easy task these days. The solar market is flooded with unrealistic 6 to 6.6kW solar deals at the moment and unfortunately, many people are now finding themselves stuck with these cheap systems and no support or assistance.

Most of the prices you see online and on Facebook for 6.6kW or 6kW solar systems are too cheap for a quality system that will last. They use no-name panels, and we hear stories every week of people being left high and dry by installers who go belly-up, or simply won’t return phone calls. An incredible 1 in 5 solar systems are defected by the Clean Energy Council, and that’s just based on the systems that have been audited.

New comers to the solar industry will find information, ads, door knockers and flyers telling them a good quality 6.6kW solar system costs between $2500 and $4000. Their misguiding advertisements use words like ‘premium’ and ‘tier 1’. On paper it looks too good to be true, that’s because it generally is. $2,500 to $4000 for a good quality 6.6kW system with ongoing support after the install does not exist. By purchasing a system in this price range you are quickly entering the dangerous and treacherous waters of the cheap solar market.

What’s So Bad About A Cheap Solar System?

A cheap solar system comes with a lot of baggage. Faulty components, installation from inexperienced contractors and no support after the system is on the roof. A quality solar system from a quality solar company is a lot more than just panels and an inverter, it is a whole package. We have heard it all, from the horror stories of bad installs to companies going bust and taking customer money with them. Bad reviews and negative posts are all over the internet. However, people still seem to fall into the trap of a cheap solar system. A solar system is an investment that will pay itself off over the years so why bother taking the risk?

Which Company Do You Choose?

We are sure you have seen it all before. A solar salesperson knocking on your door telling you why you need solar. These people are not Electricians, they are not Engineers, they are not even Clean Energy Council accredited Retailers. They are solar sales companies that wash their hands clean once the papers are signed.

They use the licenses of third party installers and tend to pay them poorly as well. No one is a winner. Warranties tend to be vague and after sales service is non existent. Not being local means they are not concerned about their reputation in the local community. It also means your hard earned money is not being kept in the local economy. Many of these companies are after fast cash in a boom industry. They have no intention of being around to help you out once the job is done.

A few years ago the largest solar installer in Australia went into liquidation. The company was known for selling cheap systems. Because they hung their hat on cheap systems they could not keep their business afloat. They are now one of the more than 700 installers to leave the solar industry. As a result they have left their customers to fend for themselves.

Real Pricing

If you were to receive quotes and compare all of the quality solar installers in your area chances are they would all be within a couple of hundred dollars of each other. This is because quality solar systems have a price and you won’t find a $7,000 system on sale for $3,500. No matter how many corners an installer cuts the price cannot get that low. You are not only paying for quality but also reliability.

Because the price of solar panels has become so affordable over the years there is no reason to go into the cheap solar realm. You could purchase the best system available and still pay it off within 5 years. It is an investment. For years to come you will have clean energy with low energy bills, why risk this by going cheap?

$5,000 to $6,000 is where you could expect a professionally installed quality 6.6kw solar system to start. This pricing range is for a straight forward installation ie. no cherry pickers, optimised systems, additional energy meters/export control devices. It is possible to find a cheaper solar system for under $5000. However, this will include low to mid-range panels and minimal to no after sales service. Once you get below $4,000 we would suggest doing a bit more research on what you are really getting.

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Installing a solar system is now the most affordable that it has been in years due to great government rebates and a drop in solar panel prices. The ability for a system to pay itself off within a 5 year period means your household could save thousands of dollars over the systems lifespan. Stralis Energy are experts in solar system design and installation. Talk to us today for a free inspection and quote for your house.

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