Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Overhead and Underground Connections

Service Connections

Stralis Energy Electrical Contractors

Connecting your new service to the Essential Energy network requires a Level 2 accredited service provider (ASP). Stralis Energy are able to provide plant and machinery to reach any connection points.

A level 2 ASP is needed when connecting the existing distribution network to a house or premise. In order to be able to work on overhead or underground powerlines you must be level 2 accredited. This is to ensure the work completed does not disrupt the electrical network and impact other establishments.

electrical distribution

Examples Of When You Need A Level 2 ASP

  • Service line disconnect and reconnect

  • Increase load – doesn’t affect the network

  • Isolation for de-energised works

  • New house connections

  • Metering services


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