Project Description

Got to love this 14kWh Redback Three-phase home battery system with 13kW of Jinko NType Tiger Panels.Designed for a new build with expected high electricity usage this system will produce on average 54kWh per day and have battery storage capabilities of 14kWh. Also built in is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so if the grid goes down the home with still be powered by the batteries.
Redback Techlogies are a leading Australian company specialising in Solar Inverter and Battery systems. Designed and built to be contained in a practical compact unit, this system can be upgraded to 28kWh of battery by adding individual 3.5kWh PylonTech batteries in a
purpose built, rack mount cabinet These Jinko Panels are as eye pleasing as they are efficient, they also come with a 25 year
manufacturing warranty and 30 year production warranty!