Project Description

6.6kW system

20 x 330w Risen solar panels

5kw Sungrow inverter

Panels: 20 x Risen 330w Panels
Inverter: 5kW Sungrow Inverter
Racking: Clenergy
System Output: 27kwh per day – 9,855kwh per year

This system was designed with budget in mind. It is our most popular option for 6.6kw systems. It is a cost effective yet quality solar package.

As this system is located in a coastal environment, a corrosion resistant system was needed. The Risen solar panels are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them perfect for an installation such as this. Stralis Energy ensure every system installed is suited to the conditions.

Using 20 x 330w Risen panels and a 5kw Sungrow inverter this system will reduce the owners power bills and pay for itself within 5 years. A 6.6kw solar system is perfect for a medium sized home. The combination of Risen solar panels and a Sungrow inverter is currently our most popular system. A great quality system at a good price point.