Project Description

2 x 6.6kW systems

330w Seraphim Eclipse solar panels

5kw Sungrow inverters

Panels: Seraphim Eclipse 330w Panels
Inverter: 5kW Sungrow Inverters
Racking: Clenergy
System Output: 27kwh per day per system – 9,855kwh per year

For this project we installed a 6.6kw system on both dwellings at the property. These systems were designed with function and aesthetics in mind. The black Seraphim Eclipse panels are often used when customers want a clean sleak looking system.

Using 20 x 330w Seraphim panels and 5kw Sungrow inverters on each dwelling these systems will reduce the owners power bills and pay for themselves within 5 years. The black Seraphim panels created a great looking array of panels.