Project Description

20.47kW system

2 x LG Chem 10kWh HV Lithium Battery

3 x Solaredge 6kw Storedge Inverters

Panels: 63 x 325 Seraphim Black Eclipse Solar Panels

Inverter: 3 x Solaredge 6kw Storedge Inverters

Optimisers: 63 x Solaredge Optimisers

Batteries: 2 x LG Chem 10kWh HV Lithium Battery

Monitoring: Solaredge Modbus

Racking: Clenergy custom black tin system

System Output: 86kwh per day – 31,380 kwh per year

This premium quality system was designed with aesthetics in mind as this brand new architecturally designed house was focused on the colour scheme, being that the panels will be visible from multiple angles. The Seraphim Black Eclipse combined with custom black racking makes this one of the best looking solar systems you’ll see!

Another major factor in the design was that it needed to cover the house power load so that a new transformer did not need to be installed. Using the 20kwh of battery storage for night time and the large array to cover the day, this system has ticked all the boxes required by the customer.

byron bay solar
lg chem and solaredge