Project Description

54kW Commercial Solar System

188 Canadian Solar Panels

Annual production of 82,782 kWh

Stralis Energy were contracted to install a 54kW commercial solar system for the Riverview Hotel in Murwillumbah. The cost of running a Hotel can add up especially when you include the electricity needed to run refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, water heating and many other energy-hungry services. The Riverview Hotels decision to install a commercial solar system will help reduce their overheads by minimising their electricity costs.

From design to installation Stralis Energy worked closely with the owners of the Hotel to ensure the system provided them with the maximum amount of savings. Stralis Enery’s integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management system ensures they can work within any businesses safety requirements.

The equipment used:

  • 44 x 330w & 144 x 275w Canadian solar panels
  • Fronius inverters
  • Annual production of 82782kW/h