Project Description

Over 7km of cable used to date

Over 3.5km of trenching completed to date

Over 40 street lights installed

Stralis Energy has been engaged by Bayview Developments to supply and install all electrical infrastructure, NBN conduit and complete all trenching associated with Tallowood Ridge Estate.

Stralis Energy utilise their own specialised range of plant throughout the project ensuring all aspects of the project are completed on time and to an extremely high standard. Due to their high standard of work Stralis Energy has been engaged to complete the remaining stages of the Tallowood development.

The project required the install of all NBN conduit and pits. Specialised knowledge of the NBN network was needed to ensure the install was completed in a way that allowed for ease of cable install.

Stralis Energy’s ability to complete the project in house without the need for subcontractors allowed for flexibility, reliability and consistent quality of works. The years of experience in the electrical and civil industry made Stralis Energy’s advice and guidance throughout the project invaluable.