Solar Farms

What is a Solar Farm?

Solar Farms are large installations of photovoltaic (PV) panels better known as solar panels. Solar farms differ from your average commercial solar system in their location, size and purpose. Most solar farms are ground mounted and spread over hundreds of hectares. They can produce hundreds of megawatts of energy that is then sold into the energy grid or to a private purchaser such as an energy retailer. Due to the favourable solar conditions found in Australia more and more solar farms are starting to be constructed.

Solar Farms Across Australia with Stralis Energy

Stralis Energy is extremely proud to be a leader in the solar farm field. Over the past decade Stralis Energy have been a fundamental resource in the development and installation of solar farms throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Australia is a world leader in solar power generation thanks to the amount of sun we receive. Stralis Energy are here to help build and develop this industry through the construction of more Australian solar farms. In recent years there have been many new large scale solar projects started with many more planned for the future. The team at Stralis Energy look forward to driving innovation in this field and highlighting the benefits of utilising a clean and renewable energy source.

With the renewable energy industry growing at a rapid rate, Stralis Energy are excited to work with industry leaders. The Government backing of large scale solar projects through the creation of Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) is just one step closer to a cleaner energy.


Recently Stralis Energy have been focusing on large scale solar projects in SE QLD and NSW. Some of our clients include:

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Stralis Energy Solar Farm Statistics

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