Powerline Defect Rectification Work

Private Overhead Defect Rectification Notice

Stralis Energy Can Help!

An electrical or overhead defect rectification notice in New South Wales can be issued by Essential Energy. These can be issued for a number of reasons. Routine inspections can be made by Stralis Energy to make sure that private overhead powerlines and poles are working correctly and are not considered dangerous. Stralis Energy are a level 1 and level 2 accredited service provider meaning we can work on the essential energy network. Hazardous situations can result from a falling powerline or pole causing damage to property, injury to people or may cause loss of power to surrounding areas.

Commonly, electrical defect notices are given out for electrical components that show signs of ageing or defects that could result in network failures or dangerous situations. In most cases, thirty days will be given to repair a defect. If you fail to take action then your power may be cut off in order to adhere to safety guidelines.

Stralis Energy, being a level 2 ASP (Accredited Service Provider) can clear most defects to help avoid defect notices for noncompliance or disconnection of power (in highly dangerous scenarios).


Common Powerline Defect checklist:

  • Damaged poles: may need replacing due to rotting timber or corroded steel, which could cause the pole to fall.

  • Low cables: when overhead cables are below regulation height.

  • Switchboard safety: compromised or unsafe parts inside the switchboard resulting in hazardous conditions.

  • Lacking equipment: area is missing the essential protective equipment.

  • Point of attachment: needing repair or replacement / limited or no accessibility.


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