Here’s a few reasons for businesses thinking of installing:

Attracting Customers

With the rise of electric vehicles, more and more people are choosing to drive electric cars. By installing high-speed EV chargers, businesses can attract these customers by providing a convenient and reliable charging option. This can be particularly attractive for businesses located near popular travel
routes or tourist destinations.

Supporting Sustainability

Installing EV chargers can be seen as a step towards supporting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.
Businesses that are committed to sustainability may find that providing EV charging stations helps to reinforce their green
credentials and attract like-minded customers.

Employee Benefits

Many businesses provide company vehicles or offer incentives to employees who drive electric vehicles. By installing EV chargers at the workplace, employees can charge their vehicles during the workday, saving them time and money. This can
also help to reduce employee stress and increase productivity.

Enhancing Customer Experience

For businesses that offer longer services, such as restaurants or hotels, installing high-speed EV chargers can help to enhance the overall customer experience. Customers can relax and enjoy their time knowing their car is being
charged nearby, without the worry of their vehicle running out of power.

Increasing Revenue

Installing EV chargers can be a revenue generator for businesses. Many charging providers offer billing services, meaning that businesses can earn a commission on the charging fees collected from customers. This can be an additional
source of income for the business, particularly for those that operate in high-traffic areas.

In summary, installing high-speed EV chargers can be beneficial for businesses in several ways, including attracting customers,supporting sustainability, providing employee benefits, enhancing
customer experience, and increasing revenue.