Did you know if you have powerlines running through your property it is your responsibility to ensure trees remain a safe distance from the lines?

Although Essential Energy has programs in place to identify trees and other vegetation that could damage or interfere with the power supply or pose a bushfire or public safety risk, it is recommended that you take proactive measures to remove hazards either before or as soon as they arise.

Trimming vegetation near powerlines is extremely dangerous and should only be undertaken by qualified personnel. All vegetation contractors are required to comply with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations, use the latest internationally approved techniques and be competent in:

  • arboriculture techniques
  • the safe use of tools and equipment
  • herbicide application and storage
  • working near powerlines.

They must also be qualified and authorised to meet industry regulatory requirements.

In NSW the guidelines for clearance distances between vegetation and overhead powerlines has been developed by the Industry Safety Steering Committee (ISSC) Guidelines ISSC 3 Guideline for Managing Vegetation Near Powerlines.

Stralis Energy are qualified to clear trees near powerlines. Being a level 1 and 2 accredited service provider means we are able to work in close proximity to powerlines and safely identify and remove dangerous hazards. If you receive a notice from Essential Energy, identify a hazard that needs to be removed or just need some advice get in touch today.