With the fleet of crane trucks, cranes and operators growing Stralis Energy has created a new business called Ballina Cranes. Ballina Cranes operates across the Northern Rivers providing construction, industrial and residential lifting.

Range Of Cranes Available

20 Tonne Franna Cranes

The Franna is a ‘pick and carry’ mobile hydraulic crane that can be driven on the road. Their high road speeds get them to the jobsite quickly, and because the articulated frame needs no outriggers, you can get set up and working almost immediately. By transporting heavy equipment and supplies with the Franna crane, you can reduce labour costs as well as the time normally wasted while you break down equipment, pack it onto transport and get it to the next site.

6×6 Crane Truck

A custom built truck for heavy lifting in tricky locations. Being a 6×6 the truck is suited perfectly to off road lifting. With a 10 tonne lifting capacity this crane is a very handy addition to our fleet.

6×4 Crane Truck

From boring holes and standing poles to moving heavy substations, our crane trucks are adaptable lifting machines.

Flatbed Crane Truck

Versatile crane truck used to transport a wide range of cargo and equipment to and from site. Easy to maneuver, flexible and tough.

Tipper Crane Truck

Our tipper crane truck is able to pick up and transport heavy loads. It is a versatile piece of machinery and able to fit in many places a regular crane cannot.

Wire Winding Crane Truck

Our wire winding crane truck is equip with a 3 roll wire winder winch. The added crane adds another level of flexibility making it a very useful truck on many jobs.

If you are interested in hiring a crane for one of your jobs get in touch to see how Ballina Cranes can assist. 1800 787 254