Those driving down the Bruxner Highway over the past few weeks might have noticed a new addition to the Goonellabah Tavern. With many businesses now making the switch to a more energy efficient way of operation the Goonellabah Tavern has jumped straight into the deep end and installed a massive 100kW solar system on the tavern roof. 

The system was installed by Ballina based solar energy company Stralis Energy and is made up of 250 solar panels. A system of this size can generate on average 153,300kWh of electricity per year, enough to power 15 homes. 

With pubs and clubs consuming a large amount of electricity due to cold room storage, air conditioning and lighting it makes sense to try and find a way to minimise electricity bills. The Broadbeach Bowls Club took the plunge into solar as well and have saved thousands.

John Schlederer, owner of the Goonellabah Tavern said “With electricity prices only looking to increase, installing a solar system was the most practical solution to minimise our operational costs” 

“As a large portion of our electricity is consumed during the day solar seemed like an obvious choice.”

“The team at Stralis Energy were great and took care of everything. Their experience with large systems gave me the confidence to go ahead with the install and I haven’t looked back”

Commercial Solar systems are now becoming a great way for businesses to reduce their operational costs and harness a renewable energy source. A well designed system will generally pay itself off within 3-5 years with the savings made on electricity bills. The lifespan of a system these days is around 25 years so once the system is paid off it is all savings from there out.

With the $150,000 instant asset write off still available there has never been a better time to invest in solar. 

If you would like to find out more about solar for your business or home get in touch with Stralis Energy or take a look at our Commercial Solar page.