Once you understand just how much your business can save by installing a commercial solar system you will be questioning why you haven’t installed one sooner. Installing a commercial solar system is the first step towards a more sustainable business with reduced overheads. Unlike residential homes, businesses usually consume majority of their power usage during the day. As solar systems produce the most electricity during this time a commercial business is an ideal match for solar.

With the reduction in the price of solar panels and the support of the Australian Government a commercial solar system has never been more affordable. This along with the increasing cost of electricity is a recipe for solar success.

When looking at how you can streamline your business and reduce costs, electricity bills should be one of the first places to look. Electricity bills are an operational cost that can be avoided.

A commercial solar system will usually pay itself off within 5 years with the savings on your electricity bills. One way to look at it is, if you can afford to pay your electricity bills you can afford a commercial solar system. Once the system is paid off it will be all savings from then on.

Stralis Energy specialises in commercial solar installations. We have installed systems right across Northern NSW and Southern QLD. Our experience and ability to offer turn key solutions means we have had the opportunity to install systems on many amazing businesses. Some of these include Tropical Fruit World, The Goonellabah Tavern, Ballina and Alstonville Swimming Pools and The Riverview Hotel.

If you would like to learn more about Commercial Solar or would like one of our expert consultants to visit for a free inspection and quote get in touch today.