electrical distribution network connection

If you need to get more electricity from the distribution network than is possible at the moment, or need to extend the network to reach your premises, you need a suitably qualified person to do the work.

Stralis Energy and the Distribution Network

Stralis Energy are fully authorised to work on the Over Head and Underground electrical distribution network In NSW.

We have very experienced Linesmen and Cable Jointers that specialise in Distribution Projects for the Over Head and Under Ground systems.

Some examples of the type of work that Stralis Energy can help you with.

  • Moving electrical assets in the road reserve
  • Altering or upgrading the existing Electrical Network to allow for a new connection
  • Installation of new street lighting
  • New Sub-divisions
  • New industrial complexes
  • Rural and urban beautification projects

At Stralis Energy we specialise in all aspects of the works above which is otherwise known as “contestable works”.

The electrical network that at present is owned by Essential Energy in our NSW footprint is made up of Overhead Wires and Underground Cables. At some point in the system, these are usually connected together to form the Distribution Network. This means that to be able to undertake projects that require work on the Distribution Network you will need a qualified Linesman and Cable Jointer.

Our head office is located in Ballina, NSW however we have the ability to work across Northern NSW. If you need any network upgrades, connections or would like to get some advice on your network connection get in touch. Our team has years of experience dealing with the network and will be able to tell you what your best options are.