Energy companies install, operate and maintain public power poles and wires, but did you know you have to pay to repair defects on those deemed private on your property? Some properties will need a private pole to deliver the power from the connection point to where it is needed. Since the connection point is located on or before these private poles, the private poles are owned by the landowner. This means that the landowner is responsible for maintaining them.

If a defect is identified on a private pole the energy provider will advise the landowner in writing letting you know what needs to be fixed and how long you have to fix it. If the issue is not fixed within the timeframe then the energy provider may complete the work themselves and charge you for it or disconnect you from the network depending on how severe the issue is.    

In order to get the problem fixed you will need to engage a qualified electrical contractor to carry out the work. That’s where we come in. Stralis Energy is a level 1 and level 2 accredited service provider meaning we can work on anything from powerline fault repairs to extension of the network. The Stralis Energy team has a combined 40 years of experience when it comes to working on the network and powerpole rectification work. Our vast range of machinery available to us means we can tackle even the toughest jobs. If you have run into any issues or are unsure of what steps to take, talk to the team at Stralis Energy so they can provide assistance and advise the best way forward. 

If you need assistance with with a powerpole defect or advice on how to proceed call Stralis Energy on 1800 787 254.